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Extra Vergin Garlic Oil BASSO 250ml

Low garlic oil, character to your recipes Low garlic-flavored oil is the result of the combination of an extra virgin olive oil with a delicate and refined taste to the intense and unmistakable flavor of garlic, present both in the form of liquid essence and dehydrated pieces. The presence of garlic, also known as Allium Sativum, gives the sauce made by the Avellino company a typical and pleasant pungent and intense odor, which anticipates a flavor that is characterized by being slightly spicy and to be easily matched to a large number of dishes, especially if typical of the Italian gastronomic tradition. The product is born from the oil filtering and from its totally automated union to the liquid and solid essence of garlic. Distinguished by a large number of nutritional and healthy qualities, the extra virgin olive oil flavored with garlic is also appreciated for its antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiparasitic qualities.