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CAPUTO Red Cuoco Chef flour 00 1Kg

Flour with strong, elastic gluten, ideal for dough that requires a long fermentation. Excellent for the preparation of the traditional Neapolitan pizza with long proving times. Great also for bread and pastry dough (Panettone, Pandoro, brioches …).Employ a more or less refined type does not change the intended use but only the flavor profile and the final appearance (less refined flour tends to rise less strongly but to be tastier than refined). Change much the end result if you are using a “strong” flour more or less “strong”. The first resist well to very long leavening and prolonged mechanical stress (like this Cami red), while the latter does not have this ability and are therefore more suitable for products requiring short proving times, or for desserts where you want to get a conspicuous friability (pastry, Spain etc.)